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ISO weekend therapeutic massage/chiropractor in Manhattan

I appear to have fucked up my back, and I live way up in Inwood where there are hardly any therapeutic massage or chiropractic offices. The ones we do have are closed on weekends. Can you recommend anyone in Manhattan who might be able to fix me on a Saturday? I'd prefer a chiropractor, since my regular one just closed up shop and I'm looking for a replacement anyway, but a really good serious massage place--the sort that wrings out muscles you didn't know you had and leaves you glowing and noodle-limp afterwards, not the soft soothing sort--would be great too. Many many thanks.

(If chiropractic doesn't work for you, cool. It works for me, so please don't tell me all chiros are quacks.)

[xposted lots because I am in pain and desperate]
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THIS FRIDAY!! New York Couture Party & Fashion Show

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